The Longest Raft Off

Raft Off @ Pictures By Alex

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Visuals from The Longest Raft Off (and Jobbie Nooner)

Raft Off 2010 Line Up

Dates: Jobbie Nooner 2018: Friday, June 22nd | The Longest Raft Off 2018: Saturday August 11th | Jobbie II 2018: Saturday September 8th

Lake St Clair is known as a boating hotspot where boaters from all over form rows and mingle with other boaters. Every year boaters gather near Harsens Island, Michigan for a full days festivities to tie off their boats and let loose. Jobbie Nooner is located around Gull Island. Raft Off typically occurs at Little Muscamoot Bay (map)

Memorial Day at The Moot - Check out the photos I took!

Raft Off 2018 World Record Attempt
2018 is going to be a big deal for Raft Off - we are going to have officials from the Guiness Book of Records on hand to certify us as the Worlds Longest Raft Off - Officially.
Details here.

September 2017: Couldn't make it to Jobbie II - but I went out for one more great day at the bay and you can see it here in this FB Album! Cya all next year.

Raft Off 2017 photos are in this FB Album. I think we broke the unofficial worlds record for longest Raft Off!

Raft Off 2017

Jobbie Nooner 2017 photos are in this FB album. Casper shot the photo below around 4 pm. It was a great success. The Longest Raft Off is coming up next and we will have Guinness World Book of Records folks there as we attempt to make the longest line ever! Please join us!

Jobbie Nooner 2017 Aerial

You can expect even more Drone footage in 2017. Stay Tuned for more fun this year! You'll find me, most often, aboard ZMan's boat, Rockin' The Bay.

Here are the Jobbie Nooner II 2016 photos in this Facebook album.

Jobbie Nooner II 2016Gull Island - Jobbie Nooner II 2016

Photos from Raft Off 2016 are in this Facebook album. This time I took my drone, Casper, with me and took about 40 minutes of video. I'll be sharing much of that video after it's edited.

Raft Off 2016

Photos from the 4th of July at Muscamoot Bay are in this Facebook album.

Photos from Jobbie Nooner 2016 are in this Facebook album.

Jobbie Nooner 2016

Photos from Memorial Day 2016 at Little Muscamoot in this Facebook album.

Due to expected poor weather and therefore lower than usual turnout, PBA didn't attend Jobbie II in 2015.

Photos from Raft Off 2015 are available in this Facebook album.

Raft Off 2015 GirlsRaft Off 2015 Umbrella Head Girls

Photos from Jobbie Nooner 2015 are available in this Facebook album.

Leah K at Jobbie Nooner 2015Jobbie Nooner 2015 Girls

Note: Due to poor weather and prior engagement, I did not attended Jobbie II 2014 but I expect I will be back in 2015!

Photos from Raft Off 2014 are available in these Facebook albums: Volume 1 | Volume 2

Photos from Jobbie Nooner 2014 are available in this Facebook Album.

Photos from Memorial Day 2014 are available in this Facebook Album.

Photos from Jobbie Nooner 2 2013 are available in this Facebook Album.

Photos from Raft Off 2013 are available in this Facebook Album.

Raft Off 2013 Girls

Raft Off 2013 Girls x 4

Photos from July 4th, 2013 at The Moot: Facebook Album

Jobbie Nooner 2013: Facebook Album

Raft Off 2012: Facebook Album One and Album Two

A couple more days at The Moot, July 1st 2012!  FB Album or Picasa/Google+ Album and Independence Day at The Moot!

The Jobbie Nooner 2012 All-In-One FB Album - Thanks to FB for increasing the limit of photos per album, we're able to post all the photos, in high resolution, to a single album. Enjoy! Picasa/Google+ album also available for public viewing.

Additional Muscamoot Bay FB Photo Albums: Memorial Weekend - June 9th - June 10th

Photos have been uploaded to FB (links below) and Picasa! Please keep my little copyright in the bottom right intact - it's the only credit I get for my work. Tag your friends and yourselves, use the "Share" link in FB or use the Download link for a higher resolution version.

Google Picasa albums: Raft Off 2010, Jobbie II 2010, Jobbie Nooner 2011, Raft Off 2011 and Jobbie II 2011.

FacebookFacebook users - Check out our 2010/2011 photo albums from Raft Off and Jobbie Nooner at the following links:
Raft Off 2010: Volumes One, Two and Three plus Jobbie II 2010: Volumes One, Two, Three and Four.
Jobbie Nooner 2011: Volumes One, Two, Three and Four. Raft Off 2011: Volumes One, Two, Three and Four.
Jobbie II 2011: Volumes One and Two.
Jobbie Nooner 2012: All-In-One

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